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Landlords & Tenants


We take this opportunity to introduce you to the RENTAL TEAM at Harcourts Oyster in St Francis Bay.
In our business, PEOPLE come first and therefore we take rentals very seriously. We believe in doing the right thing and that is finding the right homes for the right people.
At your request as a Landlord, we visit your property, do a Comparative Market Survey which indicates the houses available in the area, and recommend/discuss a monthly or holiday rental return that you can expect to achieve.
Harcourts offers you intensive marketing by:
  • Listing your property on the Internet and on various property portals and websites
  • Taking and using Professional Photographs for all listings and advertising material
  • Window Display Cards at our key offices
  • Access to our Local, Regional, National & International Data Base
  • Regular Feedback and Updates
We at Harcourts offer you as a Landlord the following quality service:
Harcourts Oyster – Permanent Rental
  • Qualify Tenant
  • Collect monthly rental from Tenant
  • Ensure all accounts are paid (municipality, garden, security, etc.)
  • Keep Tenant deposits in interest bearing account
  • Undertake full inspection/inventory before and after leasing the property
  • Manage repairs, if any, before returning Tenant’s deposit
  • Entry and exit cleaning service
Harcourts Oyster –Holiday Rental
  • Ensure that a 20% deposit and the full monthly rental is paid 14 days prior to occupation
  • Undertake full inspection/inventory before and after leasing the property
  • Undertake an Entry Clean – make sure the property is 100% ready, e.g. making up beds
  • Undertake Exit Clean – make sure property is 100% before handing it over to landlords, 
  •   e.g. strip the beds, ensure linen is laundered and returned in good order
  • Replace broken/missing objects before returning Tenant’s deposit 


If you are a tenant we at Harcourts also provide the following services:
  •   - Property which will suit you and your family’s specific needs and desires
  •   - We assure you of professional documented and placement procedures
  •   - Rental which is suitable for your financial needs
  •   - We only rent out quality property
  •   - Regular feedback on your rental
  •   - Holiday cleaning and service on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  •   - Furnished and unfurnished property
  •   - Regular assistance with unforeseen mishaps
  •   - Professional service following up on electricity, garden service, security accounts
  •   - Monitor accounts and keep you informed of all changes and availability
  •   - Ensure your deposit is invested in an interest bearing trust account and in safe keeping
  •   - Keep you abreast of current market trends, both locally & nationally