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Show Houses

Show Houses

An excellent opportunity for Property Consultants to show case a Seller’s home during the marketing of a property.  It gives Buyers a chance to view the property at their leisure and to consult with the Consultant.

Appropriate boards and bunting outside will indicate the property on show.  The Consultant will greet you at the entrance, make the appropriate introductions, offer you a business card, register your name and contact details and make inquiries as to your requirements.  A Show House brochure containing all relevant information about the property will be handed to you and you will be invited to inspect the property. 

As the Consultant is accountable for the home and its contents in the absence of the Seller, it is customary for them to accompany you through the house, to point out relevant points of interest and to answer your queries regarding the house, the area and the market trends.

After your inspection, you are invited to ask more in-depth questions, to discuss your opinion of the house, and if not quite suitable for your needs to ask for further assistance. 

If the Consultant’s Assistant is on duty, the necessary arrangements will be made for the Consultant to meet with the Buyer.

The Buyer should phone to make an appropriate alternative appointment if unable to view the house during the advertised times for the Show House.

A Buyer’s comments are important as it is the duty of the Consultant to give feedback to the Seller and to discuss further marketing arrangements.

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